Geoff Bickford, director at Dessein, Australia


Tracy Kenworthy, director at Dessein, Australia


Like layers of onions perfectly balanced with garlic, lemon and thyme, this self-confessed scrabble freak with an optimistic outlook on life cries at the mere mention of onions, her family and  Elvis.

Here is a woman with determination. From an early age drawing butterflies with waxy crayons, Tracy has always known her future would include the arts and family.

Working and playing with words and type are her addiction. Obsessing with underlying design strategies and assuring they deliver is critical to her belief in what constitutes good design.

With a talented team behind her, Tracy works in the background promoting the studio and exploring new opportunities to bring the Dessein touch to the world.

Leanne Balen, designer at Dessein, Australia


Behind this cool, dark exterior of a walking fashion label lies a quiet intellect with a healthy appetite for sophistication, shopping and the little luxuries of life.

A natural beauty, inside and out, Leanne’s charms extend past her smile and obvious good looks. Active and always cooking up a range of gourmet delights worthy of her own brand, Leanne’s passion for food is second only to design.

Providing balance to a studio of almost extrovert designers, Leanne’s softly spoken voice and quiet approach to the intricacies of her designs echo the love and appreciation she has for the simplicities of nature’s grand design.

Drawing from a background in fine art Leanne has developed her own distinctive illustrative style. Subtle combinations of both organic and carefully constructed design elements result in elegant and playful illustrations that speak softly and independently from the madding crowd.

Marie Triscari, designer at Dessein, Australia


Queen of multi-tasking and technical gadgetry, this pasta-loving footy fanatic is a woman with a vivacious giggle that echoes her loyalty to her italian family and heritage.

Affectionately known for her cheery outlook and ability to handle a multitude of tasks at any one time, Marie’s dedication to whatever that task may be is incredible.

Clients love her ability to whip up multi-page layouts that reinterpret some of the driest content you have ever seen into interesting magazines and reports.

A technically minded creative is rare, yet here she is. Whether it’s rolling out a new brand or solving the latest software glitch, Marie is not only ready, but probably two steps ahead of you.

Brought together through design, directors Geoff Bickford and Tracy Kenworthy became partners in life and work in 1987. Establishing the studio and building client relationships (some now spanning more than 20 years), this boutique studio comprises a close-knit team of designers deeply committed to creative design solutions with a difference.

The Dessein team springs from diverse cultural backgrounds, religions and travel experiences - a melting pot of Korean, Italian, Indian and mostly Australian - swirling and twirling into a bottomless pool of design inspiration waiting for the opportunity to see the light of day. Pooling the creative collective across branding, signage, websites, publications, packaging and exploring new possibilities excites us every day.

We relish a challenge and never more so than when our clients not only love the design but also the results they bring. When that challenge results in an award, it gives us a buzz and reaffirms the confidence we have in ourselves to continue exploring and realising our ideas.

Once a promising professional cyclist with a passion for perfection and an appreciation of the magical artistry required to make a good flick, here is a man who relishes an adventure in both bushland and abroad - as long as his trusty Nikon is on hand and the wheels of production turn in his absence.

Competitive cycling instilled a confidence and determination to succeed at whatever Geoff chose to pursue. This ultimately led him into design and more recently behind the lens of his Nikon camera.

One of Geoff’s earliest goals was to transform the ho-hum package design of humble household items into individual treasures - making people love their investment - whether this is something as simple as a loaf of bread or a more extravagantly boxed bottle of cognac.

Geoff’s goals have not waived. After more than 25 years servicing all aspects of design, his award winning package designs for tea, coffee and snack foods have received international recognition and resulted in substantially higher sales for each of the respective clients.